About US

Operating since January 2004, at Camille Wolfe Design we specialise in professional costume design.

We service dance teachers in private dance studios and teachers within the public and primary school system. Email us – we are here to help you.

With 30+ years of sewing experience and 15 years of personal experience in competitive dance, we know how to create “something different” for that unique performance.

We pride ourselves on being reliable, innovative and flexible whatever your specific costuming requirements. We have an extensive range of existing designs on offer, however we are happy to make to order – whatever design you may have dreamt of yourself.

We specialise in Lycra garment manufacture for dance.

We use a variety of fabric suppliers from all over the WORLD to ensure we can offer the most up to date trends in prints, holograms, mesh, wet-looks, vinyl’s, chiffons etc

Personal History

Born and bred on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Camille served 10 years in investment banking as a chartered accountant before escaping into the world of costume and fashion design in 2002. Complimenting her 30 plus years of sewing experience she returned to TAFE to study clothing production and fashion design at East Sydney Design College, completed with Distinction.

My Magnificent Staff

I’m very selective of CWD staff material! This is a highly skilled vocation and we work incredibly hard. I also need to connect with the people I work with as I like to surround myself with lovely happy souls, and with these right hand ladies at my side…we can make magnificent miracles happen.

Silvana – my rock and my second longest serving sewing machinist….10 years! Year after year her VERY hard work has got me to where I am today.

Tracey – WOW this lady is fast, sews like the wind! She joined CWD last concert season and I’m stoked she is back this year….means less sewing at midnight for me!

Kimberley – my newest recruit taking care of all things behind the scenes. ‘Mini me’ if you will!

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