Keeping your dance costumes clean…

During competition season keeping your dance costumes clean can be a real feat. But should not be overlooked! With unfamiliar fabrics, lycras and embellishments, it is so understandable as to why you would keep your costume at the back of your closet…in denial about the apparent funky smells which may waft on occasion. Alas, at CWD we have put forward a standard costume laundering guide to help you wash your costumes, and keep all your dance friends when you are smelling fresh and clean at your competitions and performances.

Manage the underarms i.e. the main culprit for dirtying costumes

If you are wearing costumes with sleeves, it is highly likely the underarm area will accumulate perspiration and deodorant residue, and leave a pretty unpleasant smell. A tip to manage this is to wear a cotton t-shirt under your costume in transit and whilst waiting for performances to soak up excess sweat and deodorant residue, keeping your costume fresher for longer. If you are unable to fit a shirt under your costume, the following underarm protection can be used to deter soiling fabric.

-Hollywood garment shields

-Any brand of stick on minipads to cover the underarm area

-Any brand of underarm garment shields. If they are fabric, you may need to wash them, therefore do not sew them permanently on.


An obvious suggestion, but wearing nude colour underwear will prevent further dirtying of other sensitive areas of the costume.

Odour eliminating spray

Another great way to keep your costumes clean without machine or hand washing, which some delicate with embellishments or glitter detailing costumes will be categorised, is using an odour eliminating spray. A great brand is FRESH AGAIN. Simply spray this product on ‘stink’ areas. Personally tested on delicate costume fabrics and trims, this is a great and safe option in keeping your costumes clean.

With our quick guide to costume laundering, we would like to wish you all a happy cleaning experience with eisteddfods and performances around the corner.

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