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Thank you for your interest in booking a Dance costume or Studio uniform with Camille Wolfe Design. The following information sets out the terms & conditions of entering into a business agreement with Camille Wolfe Design (CWD). Upon reading & understanding please sign & return to CWD, if you have any further questions or you are ready to book an order, please email us at: or call/fax on (02) 9939-4334

I. Reserving an order slot

Costume orders should be ordered at least one month in advance. However our business is very seasonal and during the high season, costumes should be scheduled at least three months in advance in order to secure a booking. High season is March to June and again September to November – during these periods we are at maximum production capacity. An order that is scheduled under 1 month is considered a Rush order. Rush orders are subject to a discretionary additional fee – up to 25% on the quoted catalogue price. Rush orders must be designs from the existing catalogue as original designs take too long to test & sample during this period.

II. Design & Design Ownership

Design appointments must be made & agreed with Camille, we are not a shop with drop in facilities we are manufacturers. Costumes designed by CWD specifically for your dance studio remain the property of CWD. Costumes that are jointly designed are still the property of CWD, however we will always consult with each teacher if we are going to sell a similar design to another dance studio. The price of a Custom Designed is $60 per design. If the costume goes to production, this design fee can be added into the price of the costume. If the design is “cancelled” or the original design is changed due to change of mind, then the design fee of $60 applies.

III. Price

All Catalogue prices are a guideline for costume prices based on manufacturing 6 or more garments using the fabric displayed in the image (usually standard nylon Lycra). Fancy fabrics such as holograms, foils, wet-looks, velvets, PVC & Prints will be more expensive. Minim order quantity for Standard range costumes is 6 garments per style. Minimum order quantity for Uniforms is 30 garments per style. Listed price is subject to change due to fluctuations in exchange rate at any time Listed or QUOTED price is for sizes 6girls to 16 ladies, larger than a 16 Ladies will incur a surcharge of 50% of the garment price. Children requiring a custom size ( ie XXXL childs sizes) – Incur a $10 customisation fee. Designer Range – we can design something specifically for you, minimum order quantity for the designer range is 15 garments per style. Expect to pay around a 15% premium for a unique design constructed specifically for your troupe. Late joiners to dance troupes, forgotten people ( ie at the last minute added to the group) will be charged at an additional 50% of the price of the costume. Additional costumes made at a later date ( ie new joiners in a new year) are considered SOLO costumes & will cost Original price plus 50% or $150 which ever is the greater This additional expense is due to basic economies of scale as explained below:
  • Per costume it takes double to triple the amount of time to make 1 costume than it does to make 5.
  • Fabric suppliers charge cutting fees for small quantities.
  • Fabric suppliers also charge double the wholesale price for ordering small quantities.
  • Freight to obtain the fabric from each supplier _ charged at $15-$20 per delivery.
  • More fabric wastage with one off costumes.
  • Minimum order of fabric is usually 1m – when often we need less, so we have to purchase more than is needed.
Prices are subject to change without notice at any time. Fluctuations in availability & price of the component fabrics – which are subject to the value of the Australian dollar, happen. CWD reserves the right to alter the price of the costume at any time. Alterations to existing designs may incur additional fees – approx $20 per change. Prices do not include embellishments such as beading or sequins unless otherwise stated. Application of such embellishments is completed by hand and thus very time consuming & costly. It is recommended that the customers do this themselves.

IV. Solo, Duo, Trio and Quartet

Solo, Duo, Trio and Quartet costumes start at $150 from our existing range. New designs or designs with embellishments start from $200. This includes fabric, one design sketch and one fitting if you are available to come into the premises. All changes to design subsequent to initial meeting are subject to $20 change fee per change. All Solo, Duo, Trio and Quartet costumes are subject to all other Terms and Conditions set out by CWD.

V. Quotes

Obligation free quotes are provided free of charge for dance troupes of over 15, quoted prices are subject to change if any elements of the design are changed.

VII. Order Confirmation

It is the responsibility of the customer to cross check the invoice, the design sketch and the garment descriptions noted within them. This is our interpretation & record of what we are making. We do not accept responsibility for design/fabric changes not communicated properly or misunderstandings due to the invoices not being read & checked. The order is confirmed once the customer has read the invoice, seen the design sketch & emailed approval. Once the design has been approved via email – any last minute changes will incur a $20 design fee to the overall invoice. Also if any fabric has been ordered based on the teachers approval of the design, the customer is liable to pay for the fabric purchased.

VIII. Measurements, Sizing & Fit

  1. Sizes are to be advised & calculated using OUR measurement sheet & size chart. You must determine the sizes you want to order. If you wish CWD to calulate the sizes for you a Sizing fee of an additional $1 per costume will be charged separately to the price of the costume. Sizes range from Children’s size 6 to Adults size 16, sizes out side this size range are non-standard and additional fees may be attracted to cover additional fabric costs. The sizes offered are standard Australian sizes and the garments being made are a best fit for the dancer within a size range. The garments are NOT CUSTOMISED COUTURE GARMENTS FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL.
  2. Any custom fit request eg top lengths, sleeves, pant hems etc – will be charged an additional $10 for each garment to cover additional patternmaking costs. – eg if there is a very tall girl or plump girl who needs a special fit
  3. All SIZES are to be collated on OUR measurement sheets. Scraps of paper, emails, customers own spreadsheets etc will not be accepted. You can scan & email, take a pic & email or post/deliver hard copies of the measurement sheets.
  4. As the dance teacher ordering the costumes it is your responsibility to ensure that all dancers who need a costume have one ordered for them, so fill in the measurement sheet whilst checking this off to the class list.
  5. 5. Poor fit of costumes due to errors made in taking measurements are the responsibility of the customer (dance teacher/studio owner). CWD provides a “how to measure” diagram which should be read & understood to ensure the customer takes the correct measurements.
  6. The Dance teacher/studio owner is responsible for alteration costs due to incorrect measurements being taken. Alteration costs start at $10 for basic hems, straps etc up to $30 for major structural alterations.
  7. If a student is away write her or his name on the sheet to make sure they are included. We can guess their size based on another in the class. – PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND REMEMBER THE BOYS!
  8. Any errors in ordering or last minute costume orders made after the costumes have already been made will incur a 50% surcharge on the quoted price of the costume. This will help to cover additional costs of time, freight, making & increased fabric prices that are incurred for the extra one or two costumes to be made. Please note that often the fabric for this extra child will be in a different dye lot and may not match the rest of the group – to search for this can take hours of time. Also we may not have the time to make one of something at the last minute as we have a production schedule to adhere to.
  9. Size exchanges or new costumes that need to be made due to incorrect measurements will incur an additional 50% charge on top of the quoted price of the original costume or $50 whichever is the greater.
  10. Alterations due to faults in the fabric or manufacture are completed free of charge, only within 7 days of accepting the costumes. Wear & Tear repairs/alterations after months of wear will be charged at $10 for basic alterations up to $30 for structural alterations.

X. Fabric Deposit & Final Payment

  1. Once the order has been accepted by both parties CWD will raise an invoice & email it to the customer.
  2. A 50% deposit is always taken prior to manufacture, with the balance to be paid prior to delivery of the garments.
  4. The dance teacher or dance studio ordering the costume/s is personally responsible for paying the full amount of the costume bill. Money’s lost or not collected from students will have to be paid for personally by the studio or dance teacher. The measurement sheet provided contains a column for marking off when each student has paid for their costume. A recommendation is for each student to bring their payment in with an envelope with their name on it. Part payments from individual student/parents will not be accepted.
  5. Dancer’s that quit after the costume & fabric has been ordered are liable to pay for the balance of the costume if the costume has already been made. If fabric has only been ordered, they are liable for the 50% deposit.
  6. Payment can be made via cheque, cash, money order or Direct debit – directly into our bank account.
  7. Banking details are as follows – always quote studio name & invoice # in payment details.
Account Name: Camille Wolfe Design Bank: ANZ BSB: 012-243 Account no: 494-971-949

XI. Production:

Allow 3-4 weeks for manufacture of the garments from the receipt of the fabric deposit. Except during concert & eisteddfod periods – where production is based on a first in first served basis and production can be up to 6-10 weeks due the huge volume of work to complete. Order early to avoid disappointment.

XII. Delivery:

Local customers can arrange an appointment to pick up the costumes from the CWD design studio. Interstate/regional customers can have their garments shipped via Australia Post or Couriers please. Costs are dependant on weight – but a basic guide is below:
  • 1-3 garments – 500gm Express post bag (PO Box & house address only) $15.00
  • 4-5 garments – 3kg Express post bag (PO Box & house address only) $20.00
  • 10 or more garments – 5kg+ Courier – Sydney $25.00
  • Multiple groups – 10kg+ Courier – Sydney $25.00
  • Interstate – mulitple troupes – City ( QLD, VIC) $35.00
  • Interstate/ Countr – multiple troupes & Price depends where you are, freight charged checked & advised in quote

XIII. Receipt of Costumes & trying on:

Customers must check the fit & quality of the garments within 7 days of receiving them. Any issues or problems raised after 7 days will be considered wear & tear alterations & will be charged for accordingly. Adjustment of straps, hems etc for custom fit for each child are NOT included in the price of the garment – please remember and explain to your students this is not custom made for each child – it is best fit within a size range.

XIV. Costume Hire

  • Costume hire price is for 1 week, additional time or extended costume hire is for an additional $10 per week after the first week.
  • Costume hire fee must be paid in full to secure the costume hire booking date at the time of the hire request.
  • All costumes are to be returned in usable condition. Missing costumes will be charged for at the full replacement price of the costume. Permanent stains, rips or other defects that render the costume unusable for future hires will result in the full replacement price of the costume being charged.
  • Costumes are to be returned un-washed, we handle all the laundering of all the costumes.