Welcome Back Teachers!

I hope you are all feeling refreshed and invigorated for the new year. Hopefully some of you amazing teachers are realising your eisteddfod themes and routines, and of course the most exciting part, the dance costumes!

Camille Wolfe Design is back in business and I look forward to hearing about all your weird and wonderful ideas. I am ready to take on some orders from those who have performances on the horizon. Email me at info@camillewolfe.com.au if you have any queries. 


As you may or may not be aware, the Coronavirus has halted Chinese imports into Australia, where dance costume trade will be impacted.

This does not effect us as Camille Wolfe Design is an entirely Australian made product with local supply of fabrics and embellishments, where we can guarantee delivery by your performance date with no impact from recent Australian trade policies. Email us as info@camillewolfe.com.au for further queries. 

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